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About Us

Fieldcraft Solutions

If you’re planning to work in the field – that is, away from the immediate comforts of modern, urban living – we can help you plan, develop and execute your objectives. Whether you’re looking for hand-holding assistance from start to finish, or specific technical or training support, we can help.


Training from Fieldcraft Solutions is designed to meet client objectives. We will listen to your needs, advise and develop suitable skills and/or technical training for you. This could be anything from a morning’s workshop to a long-term programme.

Support and Logistics

Got a fieldwork problem? We may have the answer. If you need to get someone or something into the field or need support when you get there, then we should talk. Our large associate resource and worldwide contact means that Fieldcraft Solutions is ideally placed to assist with your logistical requirements.

Our Ethos

We understand that fieldcraft is a means to an end; our training, advice and logistical services will help you make the most of your time in the field and achieve the objectives that are important to you.

Our team of associates have a diverse range of experience, working across the globe in demanding and sometimes dangerous situation.

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